Rev. Anna Scott


Assistant Minister

a.-Testimonial-Anna-Scott-webRev. Anna Scott knows first-hand the healing power of prayer. She loves people and meets them right where they are. She is enthusiastic and truly believes that we are all One. Rev. Anna uses deep spiritual wisdom combined with a great sense of humor in empowering people to live their fullest and richest life. She is authentic and loving and her deepest desire is for all people to realize their own Divine Magnificence and Potential.

Rev. Anna began her spiritual journey with Science of Mind and Spirit in the early 1990’s. She came into this teaching seeking a better way of life. She has practiced this philosophy, deep contemplation, authenticity and prayer to move her life from a place of addiction and pain to one of joy and gratitude. Rev. Anna truly believes that prayer and meditation have saved her life!

Rev. Anna is a powerful speaker, using spiritual truth combined with humor to bring a sense of Divine Purpose, Inspiration and Peace into each life she encounters. “What I know is that the Essence of the Divine is alive within each of us in all its Purity and Beauty. We can tap into that as we choose–God’s Goodness is who we truly are.”

Rev. Anna has served as Assistant Minister at her home center, Center for Spiritual Living Grand Junction since September 2016. Prior to that, she was a Prayer Practitioner for seventeen years.


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