The Perfect Place For Kids

kids-girls-webImagine learning who you are, being accepted just as you are, and discovering your own creativity at an early age. Imagine learning how to focus your thoughts, still your mind, and create your life before you learn fear, limitation, and how just to fit in. At CSL Grand Junction, we believe in the future of all our children, and our teachers work with them to foster and nourish their individual personal and spiritual growth. Learning spiritual principles and practices in age-appropriate, dynamic, and joy-filled ways, our kids grow strong in their connection to Spirit and their own inner wisdom. We encourage our kids to learn how to thrive in their own lives, discover their unique gifts and talents, and find their own contribution to life.

Sunday Classes

Daycare Program – Preschool Ages 3 & older – Coming Soon

Children’s Service – Ages 5 & up – Now the first Sunday of the month at 10 am while Sunday service is in session
Our CSL Grand Junction teachers appreciate and cultivate the spiritual development of your children. We are dedicated to laying a solid spiritual foundation for your child to grow and flourish.  Our spiritual principles and practices are taught in an invigorating, creative, and accepting environment.

Pre-Teen – Coming Soon

Teens – Coming Soon