Congregational Care


To serve our spiritual community through loving, dedicated personal attention and spiritual support. To provide physical and spiritual support by creating an opportunity to experience the grace of God and the humanity of fellowship in challenging times.

Community is about taking care of each other as community in challenging times and celebrating each other’s life’s milestones and achievements. The Congregational Care Ministry Program is a gift of true community that is offered to folks who are a part of CSL GJ. Even though we know the spiritual truth of wholeness for each person, we also recognize there are times in everyone’s life when compassion and care are also required.

Our Congregational Care Team is comprised of Ministers, Prayer Practitioners and trained volunteers, who are dedicated to the well-being and wholeness of our community. They are “filled with the spirit of Divine Compassion.” Through loving, dedicated personal attention and spiritual support ,we are here to comfort and nurture during times of challenge and to celebrate during times of gratitude.


Congregational Care is available in the following areas:

Hospital, Nursing Home and Home Visitation

We provide spiritual caregivers who offer loving support, quiet companionship, prayer and conversation to members and friends of our community that are hospitalized or confined during challenging times.

Short-Term Assistance

We provide short-term assistance to our community and their families during convalescence or during challenging times. This assistance includes transportation to doctors or running short errands for groceries, prescriptions and the necessities of life and healing.

Grief, Transition and Bereavement

We enter the sacred mystery of death, dying and loss, infused with love and compassion. We provide support for our community and their families going through periods of grief, transition or bereavement. Through personal visits, prayer, holding consciousness and a Bereavement Support Workshop, we create the sacred space of being present during these challenging times. We also provide assistance with memorial services and receptions for our community and their families, when there is no one else.

For Congregational Care support, please contact Rev. Patty Rumpza at