Spiritual Support

Ministry of Prayer and Prayer Requests

The Ministry of Prayer at CSL Grand Junction offers powerful, effective spiritual mind treatment for individual prayer requests. Through Spiritual Mind Treatment (our form of scientific, affirmative prayer), we expect physical healing, change in challenging conditions, and greater well-being in every area of life. Spiritual Mind Treatment is based on the marriage of science and spirituality. We speak with power, live in love, and demonstrate through conviction. We court the Presence of Spirit in all life situations. We are here to speak the word, pray for you and support you in your life’s unfolding.

Your prayer request will be taken up within the week. Each request is confidential. If your request is urgent, or you wish to contact an individual prayer practitioner, you can find phone/email information by visiting our Practitioner Directory.

Be sure to provide clarity about what you wish prayerful treatment for, and indicate whether you wish to receive a reply.

Prayer requests can be made three ways:

All requests are held in strict confidentiality.

Spiritual Coaching

There is only one Life.
That Life is God’s Life.
That Life is Perfect.
That Life is my Life NOW!
– Ernest Holmes

When you need more than an immediate spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer), Spiritual Coaching is available by appointment with one of our Licensed Prayer Practitioners. This is an opportunity to remember and align with Spiritual Principles and Practices in any area of your life. Learning to align in right thinking, spiritual understanding, and powerful insight empowers you to participate in the creative process of your life.

The power of a Spiritual Coaching session offers you the opportunity to:

  • Heal at every level – physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual.
  • Manifest greater success and well-being in every area of your life.
  • Uncover hidden beliefs and replace them with powerful new spiritual understanding.
  • Determine spiritual practices best suited for your needs today.

In a sanctuary of active compassion, deep listening and unconditional love, a Licensed Professional Practitioner demonstrates that which is always present – the one law of love – the universal GOD Mind activated by our every thought, word, choice. There is always a spiritual solution to every condition. Through the constructive use of mind … health, peace, abundance, joy and love express freely.

The CSL Grand Junction Prayer Practitioner Team’s purpose is to be a beneficial presence that reveals Consciousness through prayer, coaching, and service. They are fully trained and dedicated to being in service to our community. When you want or need a prayer practitioner, they are here for you. Our prayer practitioners are licensed spiritual coaches available for paid, one-hour sessions. They are available by appointment. Please check our Practitioner Directory for contact info.