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Make an IMPACT through Sacred Service.

You have gifts to give, talents to share, and new things to learn. CSL Grand Junction needs you to share your service in a positive, loving, and spiritually growing environment. Everyone in our community carries a piece of the vision. Which piece are you carrying?

Current Opportunities To Serve: Sunday First ImpressionsService Production and SupportSpecial Events and Community ProjectsCommunications/Website, and Facilities and Maintenance.

One of our five spiritual practices is Sacred Service. Offering our Sacred Service is both a way to make a significant contribution to the community that feeds us spiritually and also to engage in a spiritual discipline that awakens us to the greater truth of our own being.


An Invitation to You to be of Sacred Service

by becoming a Volunteer at CSL Grand Junction

Make an impact within our community and find belonging and connection. Give of yourself through one or more of our Sacred Service Ministry Teams. These teams help with the tasks necessary to provide for the maintenance and administration of the Center as well as helping with services to the community at large.

It is an honor to find a place of service that fits your spiritual path. Let us support your desire to be involved in sacred service. Volunteers are always needed to assist with many facets of the Center's operation. Please contact Rev. Anna Scott at to practice Sacred Service at CSL Grand Junction, or fill out the form below.

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“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” - Rabindranath Tagore

Current Opportunities to Serve

Sunday First Impressions

Remember what it was like when you first got to CSL Grand Junction? Help make that first impression and continue to improve our visitors’ experience. Be part of what makes Sundays so special here at CSL Grand Junction. First Impressions Team includes our Greeters, Welcome, Hospitality, and Ambassador.

Greeters –transformational-stories-image-web greeters

Be one of the first impressions a visitor has when they join us on Sundays while welcoming our regulars with your special hug. Greet and hand out announcement sheets and/or Welcome packets to first time visitors and collect and process offerings. (Contact Rev. Anna at

Welcome –

Help make our visitors feel at home by answering questions, showing them around and introducing them to people and programs around the Center. Sundays between and after services. (Contact Rev. Anna at

Hospitality –

Play host to our community, making everyone feel at home. Prepare coffee and snacks before the service OR clean up after service. Purchase food and pick up donations throughout the week. (Contact Rev. Anna at

Ambassador –

Be in the know and support the relationship between our community and CSL Grand Junction. Assist our community in knowing what’s going on at CSL Grand Junction, registering for classes and events, getting connected to our online database, and managing all their activities here at the Center. (Contact Rev. Anna at

Lending Library -

Surround yourself with the knowledge of New Thought authors and assist people in accessing that information. Help to organize and inventory our lending library. (Contact Rev. Anna at

Children’s Ministry – Teachers and Angels

Teacher: Lead our students through an already created curriculum to spiritually encourage, empower, and uplift young minds.

Angel: Assist our teacher with teaching the lesson and engaging all of our students.

(Contact Rev. Anna at


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Service Production and Support

So much goes into our services so people can commune and celebrate together. There’s always a place for you!

Sacred Space –

Create the feeling and the look of the sanctuary for services and celebrations – including cleaning, arranging, flowers, decorations and other special projects. (Contact Rev. Anna at

Sound –

Assist in the sound booth on Sundays and for special events and services. (Contact Miki Lewis at

PowerPoint –

Run the PPT, YouTube videos, and DVDs on Sundays and at special events. Just point and click. (Contact Miki Lewis at

Special Events and Community Projects

Seminars and Events Team -

Pick speakers, meet them, and show them CSL Grand Junction hospitality. Support our seminars, concerts, movie nights, drum circles, and other special events before and during the events. (Contact Rev. Anna at

Community Service -

Be part of our sacred service in Grand Junction and the world. Ongoing activities and special projects. (Contact Judy Meyers at or Glenn Lewis at

Arts and Music -

Want to express and share your creativity? Want to grow your sense of being creative – sing in a choir, act in a theater production, share your art, or simply offer your talent? (Contact Rev. Anna at

Congregational Care –

Actively caring for and about each other and staying connected through crisis is a significant commitment here at CSL Grand Junction. Hospital and home visits, driving, food, and other support services are offered by community members to each other. Share your loving heart and hands. (Contact Rev. Patty at


“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” - Muhammad Ali


Communications –

Help our community members know what’s going on and stay informed with sizzle and pizzazz. Share and enhance your creativity through graphics, layout, and production assistance. Come into the office and be part of the buzz, or work on projects from home. Regularly scheduled or by project. (Contact

Website –

75% of our visitors find us through our website. Class and events info and registrations are all on the calendar. From finding last week’s message to listening to life changing stories, from volunteering to education, it’s all on our website. Our new website is so user friendly that anyone who can use a word processing program can help us stay current and keep our website up to date. Regularly scheduled or by project, in the office or at home. (Contact or Don Carpenter at

Broadcast –

Help us continue to move into the 21st century by supporting all our video needs from emails to testimonials to special projects and Sunday Services. Video and video editing are our primary needs at this time. (Contact Don Carpenter at


From graphics and layout to database input to mailings to production, everything we do to communicate and keep everyone’s information gathered is now primarily done through technology. Whether you already have the skills, want to improve your training, or simply learn more in any of these areas – we need your support to keep our organization running efficiently and effectively so we can focus on what’s really important!

Admin/Office -

Be part of the buzz at the Center and be in the know of what’s happening at CSL Grand Junction. Greeting visitors, answering phones, data entry, general office work, and special projects. Regular shifts or by project. (Contact Rev. Patty at or

Facilities and Maintenance

Making sure our home stays beautiful!

Plants and Landscaping –

Coming soon!

General Maintenance –

Keep us in perfect working order to reflect the joyous community that we are! Share your skills in HVAC, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, hauling, etc. Share your tools, truck and expertise on projects as needed. (Contact Glenn Lewis at

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