About CSL Grand Junction

CSL Grand Junction is a dynamic spiritual community filled with compassion, creativity and joy and dedicated to teaching and practicing a powerful spirituality that inspires us to live our dreams. As a center, we nourish, lift and support our members.


Not Your Typical Church

“This is the Church of Keeping It Real.” – Rev. Patty Rumpza

CSL Grand Junction is a diverse, radically inclusive, not-your-usual church. We provide a great place for “the rest of us” who are looking to connect with God/Higher Power/Universal Presence, but don’t really fit in with any one religion. Though we celebrate age-old spiritual traditions from around the world, our message and delivery are modern and down to Earth. So relax, have fun, and look around – chances are you’ll see people just like you.


Discover Who You Really Are!

Come discover who you really are at CSL Grand Junction. We believe that every one of us is an authentic, unique, perfect expression of God. Live, love, and grow your life with positive, practical, spiritual tools; ignite your passion and share your authentic gifts toward making the world a better place. We invite you to explore the amazing possibilities of living a life in spiritual awareness, as you consciously engage in the rich complexities of the world.

CSL Grand Junction is a truly unique place. Want to learn more?

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CSL Grand Junction teaches the Science of Mind. Never heard of it?

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