Power Up! Goddess Circle

Power Up! Goddess Circle

time 9:30 am

Every First Saturday from

February 2, 2019


July 7, 2019

New Offering! – Power Up! Goddess Circle

One Saturday per Month, 9:30am-Noon (See below for specific dates)
Facilitators: Rev. Patty Rumpza & Pat Jacques
Definition of Freedom: The condition of being free of restraints; Liberty of person from oppression; Exception from unpleasant convictions.Each month we will deep dive into a chapter of Cynthia James’s book, What Will Set You Free. This isn’t just a transformational book. It is a workbook! We will use meditations, journaling, and exercises. We will do the work that will open new ways of being and perceiving. This is an investment in our future, a book to help guide on our journeys. As we heal and release, more is revealed. This guidebook serves well offering insight and guidance on our journey to ourselves.
• January 12, 9:30AM-Noon – Chapter One “The Story”
• February 2, 9:30AM-Noon – Chapter Two “Finding Your Voice”
• March 2, 9:30AM-Noon – Chapter Three “Connecting the Mind with the Body”
• April 6, 9:30AM-Noon – Chapter Four “Secrets”
• May 4, 9:30AM-Noon – Chapter Five “Time for Forgiveness”
• June 1, 9:30AM-Noon – Chapter Six “Reclaiming Yourself”
• July 6, 9:30AM-Noon – Chapter Seven “Radical Self Care”Tuition: $15 per session, or $97 in advance for all seven. Location: CSL Grand Junction, 251 Colorado Ave, Grand Junction CO

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