Rev Patty Rumpza


Spiritual Director

Rev. Patty Rumpza talks to God. All the time. Which is really cool, except it wasn’t cool when she was a young girl. She was reprimanded for claiming to communicate directly with the Almighty and concluded that her God and the God her upbringing were very different. She didn’t stop having conversations–she just stopped telling people about them.

Fast forward to age 26. To say Patty’s life wasn’t working would be a vast understatement, she had turned to drugs and alcohol as a means of escape. However, she also had been introduced to Religious Science and had started taking classes. Patty had always believed in a loving God, and the principles she was learning, the “laws” of the Universe and spiritual mind treatment, showed her that it didn’t matter where you came from–you could use these principles to change your life. And her life got better. And better.



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