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judy-headshot-practitionerJudy Meyers, RScP

970-640- 0943 (call or text) •

Judy Meyers discovered Centers for Spiritual Living and the Science of Mind and Spirit over forty years ago, and it has guided and directed her life ever since. This powerful and transformative teaching that changes lives for the better through the power of the creative mind worked for Judy, and it can work for you! She believes you can, and should, enjoy a life filled with loving and supportive relationships, financial freedom and radiant health and well-being. You can, and should, have spiritual tools at your disposal to handle any challenges you encounter in your life journey.

Judy is passionate about teaching and supporting individuals as they acquire the spiritual tools of affirmative prayer and meditation. Through these practices, an intimate and personal relationship with the Divine flowers. As this happens, you could find yourself saying this line from Judy’s personal manifesto: “I love my life. It’s fun to be me!”

virginia-headshot-practitionerVirginia Dannels, RScP

970-464-4784 (call only)

Virginia Dannels discovered Science of Mind and Spirit over twenty years ago and is now a licensed Prayer Practitioner. She sends out prayers and get-well cards, along with messages commemorating other life events, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Virginia has always felt and known that God is the Source of all good in her, in her life, and in the world. She would love to see increased membership for our Center and great prosperity and excellent health for all people.



sheryl-headshot-practitionerRev. Sheryl Rogers

970-270-3136 (call only) • 

Sheryl Rogers walked into a Center for Spiritual Living in the early 1970s and knew she had found a spiritual home. “The Science of Mind and Spirit teachings make so much more sense to me than traditional Christianity,” she says. Sheryl became an ordained minister and now acts as a prayer practitioner. She has also taught many classes.

Her vision for the Center is to see it grow in numbers and in consciousness, continuing to be a beacon of spiritual truth in our community, as well as making a difference in the lives of both the spiritual community and the community at large.

Science of Mind and Spirit has given her a more positive and accepting outlook on life. She respects her choices and the choices of others non-judgmentally. Her intention is to continue her spiritual involvement and share what she has learned with others to help them enhance their lives.

Marilyn Scarborough, RScP

907-720-2015 (call or text) • 






Debby Powell, RScP

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Debby Powell discovered the teachings of The Science of Mind and Spirit in 1999, when looking to find a church home for her daughter, who was in high school at the time. Together they tried many different traditional churches, but none of them really resonated. Once they found the Science of Mind and Spirit though, they knew they were home.

Following the teachings of Ernest Holmes and putting into practice the spiritual practices of prayer, meditation and visioning, gave Debby the strength – as a single mother – to build a successful HR career, purchase her own home, and raise two beautiful daughters after emerging from a very rocky and unstable marriage earlier in life. She went on to obtain two degrees from Regis University; a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and Applied Psychology with a minor in Religious Studies and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. After finishing these degrees she spent several years studying the Science of Mind and Spirit; finally becoming a licensed Religious Science Practitioner in 2016.

“Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life” is more than just a tagline for Debby. Letting go of negative thinking was the key that opened the door to increased happiness, more fulfilling relationships and greater prosperity in life. Put the tools of prayer, meditation and visioning to work in your life today and see what a difference it can make. Debby’s intention is to assist others along the way in their own spiritual paths to a life of greater fulfillment and joy.