Gong Bath Meditation with Gregg Wilkins

Gong Bath Meditation with Gregg Wilkins

time 12:30 pm

July 1, 2018

Allow yourself the luxury of being bathed in a glorious range of vibrational frequencies. Sound is used as an important part of spiritual, physical and mental healing. This special meditation is by sound sculptor Gregg Wilkins. Through Gregg’s use of the gong and other sacred sound instruments, you will be transported to a unique and safe meditation space. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat to lie on and blankets and a pillow for comfort if you desire.

Admission: $10 at the door. Limit of 40 attendees.

Check out Gregg’s homepage: http://www.sacredsoundscape.com/

Gregg Wilkins is a Sound Sculptor working with the Paiste Earth Gong and other planetary gongs and sacred sound instruments. He is also a composer, drum circle facilitator and percussionist. Gregg studied music and acoustics at Chicago Musical College and went on to attend the State Institute of Sonology in the Netherlands where he studied the psychological and physiological effects of sound and vibration on the body.

He is a Reiki Master and a Deeksha Blessing Giver. Gregg has been creating soundscapes/compositions for most of his life. He has had the opportunity to study with Richard Rudis/Karma Sonam Dorje and in 2011 they traveled through Nepal and Tibet. Gregg has also had the fortune to travel to Abadiania, Brasil and spend time in the presence of John of God.

Working with knowledge and insight from both technical and consciousness/spiritual teachings, Gregg works with the sound and energy to support the people participating, both present and distant. Applying techniques from his training and experience, he creates a unique and safe environment. He has been doing work in the sound/vibrational healing field for over 25 years.